About Wild Ways

            Honor the Horse, Listen to the Sole.

            Our ultimate goal is to build stronger feet.  Though we would love to see all horses moving as they were intended, upon their own feet, we know there are certain realities that keep this from being the norm.

            Horses need adequate protection in their daily habitat and desired working environment. Sadly these two are often mutually exclusive concepts.  If your horses spend the majority of their  time on a soft lush pasture they will most likely not be prepared to to be ridden on rocky mountain trails without added protection.

            Our approach is to "trick" the horses feet into thinking it lives in a harsher environment then it actually does.  However if domestication still produces too weak or sensitive a foot we are able to offer additional protection and confidence through the use of boots,  either removable or glue-on.  We also are able to offer pour-in applications and casting to offer protection where removable boots are not needed or the horse is still too sensitive while on turn out.

            This process takes time and is designed to work with the horse's robust ability to heal and grow strong feet.  This requires a disciplined approach that must take into account adequate movement, exercise, and sound dietary principles customized to your horse's individual needs.  If you are willing to go to these lengths to give your horse a vibrant life we would love to help support you and your horses to live the way they were born to live.

                                                   Our Team